Choosing your wedding bouquet


Choosing your wedding flowers can be difficult especially with so many beautiful blooms and arrangements to choose from! You also need to consider matching buttonholes, this habit originated in medieval times when a knight would wear his lady's colours to show his everlasting love!

These days brides no longer toss their bouquet as preserving your wedding flowers is increasingly popular!

The four main types of bouquet are: Nosegay, Hand-tied, Round and Cascade.


Nosegay is a compact cluster where the stems are tightly wrapped and the flowers are structured in clusters. This style of bouquet dates back centuries when they were used to mask unpleasant odours hence the name. They make the perfect accessory as they can be held easily in one hand looking sophisticated and elegant.



This is a collection of loosely tied flowers with ribbon in a relaxed airy style, perfect for outdoor venues and beach weddings.




This arrangement is simple and elegant and usually designed as a tight cluster for density. These types of bouquets work well with all styles of wedding dresses.




Traditionally this bouquet spills over the hands and flows downwards in a waterfall effect. The blooms are either anchored in a holder or hand-tied.


and finally according to Italian tradition the car is adorned with flowers to pave the road to a happy marriage so be sure to dress your car, horse, camper van accordingly!!