Virginia Water Lake

I spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with this lovely couple. I had shot Aamira and Nadeem’s wedding, one year later they decided to celebrate their first anniversary with a shoot at Virginia Water Lake in Surrey. The weather was beautiful, we laughed and danced and although she makes her twirling look effortless her stunning gown was very heavy but looked perfect against the natural backdrop.

Couple holding hands dancing at Virginia Water lake in Surrey
Indian couple holding hands walking through the trees near the lake
Engaged couple holding hands and walking along a grass path at Virginia water lake in Surrey
Indian woman wearing long green and gold dress holding bouquet of pink flowers at her engagement session
Couple walking towards the trees looking back holding hands and smiling
timeless portrait of couple hugging each other wearing formal Indian dress on their engagement session
portrait of couple smiling and holding hands with the wind blowing her green dress with gold jewels on at Virginia water lake
Close up of henna design on woman hands holding a flower against a backdrop of green bushes
Man holds hands with his bride and twirls her around on the grass dancing near the lake at Virginia water
Close up of a bright pink and white wedding bouquet hand tied with green ribbon and dotted with jewels
Woman giggles on her engagement session showing off her henna hand paint and beautiful diamond engagement ring
elegant hands decorated with henna and red nail varnish holding a flower on engagement shoot at Virginia water lake in Surrey
Couple walk hand in hand along the side of the lake looking at each other smiling on their engagement session
Elegant romantic portrait of Indian engagement session looking at each other and smiling holding her bouquet of pink roses
formal portrait of newly engaged couple standing against the backdrop of Virginia water lake Surrey
Portrait of woman holding her dress and wedding bouquet looking at the floor with red roses in her hair

Romantic Engagement Session

We had such a great evening with this lovely couple. Abbie and Josh decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot at two gorgeous locations. Dunraven Bay was the backdrop for their ‘glam look’ we love it when our girls get dressed up! Next stop for a more casual shoot was the stunning remains of Ogmore Castle. Here are the highlights.


6 tips for gorgeous engagement photographs


The aim of this blog is to provide you with 6 great tips for your Engagement session. We have included what we believe to be important advice and things to consider such as, location, clothing, hair and makeup and other tips.

All of the information included will help your session run smoothly and ensure that we are able to produce some wonderful imagery that you can have and hold forever.

Happy reading!

  1. Your Vision

When you think of your engagement session what do you visualise? An open field? Urban brick? A weeping willow tree? What is it that you feel suits the two of you the most? Are there any special locations that might be ideal for your engagement shoot? If not, don’t fret! It is not about where you are but who you are with. A lot of couples leave the location up to us which means we get to scope out spots ahead of time. The way we shoot the focus is on you and your beautiful faces, not the background. However, if there is a place that is special to you, or you would like to include a family heirloom, a pet or something else that is meaningful we would love to incorporate this into your images!


2. Fashion

Don’t feel like you need to go on a mega shopping spree for your engagement session (but if you do more power to you) We want you to be comfortable, we want you to connect with your images. So if you are a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, then rock it on with full colour. Our couple often bring an outfit change to their session.

Most choose for a dressier option (eg: a flowy maxi dress) and a casual option (eg: jeans and a blouse) We have made a little Pinterest board for inspiration but are always open for chat wardrobe. Don’t feel that you have to opt for plain classics the entire time. Have fun with colour texture and a variety of styles!

This is all so you can remember this special time in your lives, so why hold back!


3. Hair & Makeup

We cannot stress this enough girls, really! Professional hair and makeup make a world of difference. As photographers it excites us to know our girls are spending the day getting pampered before a session. It allows you to relax, feel beautiful and confident! There is nothing like a set of lashes to bring out your inner model. Consider using this time as a test run with your makeup artist and use your session as a time to evaluate your wedding day look and how it will photograph. Ladies, if you can swing it please consider getting your hair and makeup done for your session! We promise you it will make a world of difference and you will look and feel absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and we are right here if you need any recommendations!


4. Timing

Timing is everything for your session. As natural light photographers we plan sessions around the lighting of the day. We usually begin them 90 minutes prior to sunset, which will allow for an outfit and location change while shooting in golden hour. Being on time means we do not cut into your session time. Once the sun goes down there isn’t much we can do, so staying on track with timing and lighting is the best way to ensure gorgeous images. This also means that at times we may have to reschedule your session due to the weather.


5. Trust

This is the whole reason you chose your photographer, right? Because they know the best lighting, the best poses and the best techniques to make you both look and feel like supermodels! Now its time for you to take a deep breath and trust the person you chose to work with you. The more trust you place in us the more free we will be to create the images you will love. You may initially feel uncomfortable and awkward but in-between those moments come little gems of authentic interactions that can only happen when two people really are in love. Relinquish the control, give trust out freely and let go of your expectations.


6. Have Fun

Have Fun! This is such an exciting time in your lives. We know that engagement sessions can seem nerve wrecking but it’s important to go in with an open mind and the ability to laugh. We want you to flirt your brains out, love each other and just have fun, we might even finish the session with a bottle of champagne and we promise that you will love these beautiful images for years to come. Engagement sessions are the perfect time to hang out with your photographer, get comfortable in front of the camera and flirt with your soon to be spouse! What more could a girl ask for?


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