9 Things to consider when selecting your wedding venue


So you’ve chosen a date to get married. Where do you even begin to decide on a wedding venue? Here are a few things to consider that may assist you finding the wedding venue of your dreams!

Nine things to consider when selecting your wedding venue

What three words would you use to describe your ideal wedding day?
Create a vision board on Pinterest, don’t over think it, collect pins that inspire you. Is your dream wedding day: timeless, boho, rustic, grand? This will usually shed some light on your vision and help provide direction in your venue selection.

How do you imagine the space feeling?
Similarly, what words would you use to describe the atmosphere and feeling of your wedding venue? Is it light with a clean colour palette? Is it near the beach or out in the country? It is important to consider the time of the year and the date you are getting married. Be sure to visit your chosen venue around the date you are getting married the previous year. This way you will see it for its reality and daytime lighting. Are the flowers in full bloom is it fully decorated with Christmas baubles?

Will it match your dress code?
If you have always dreamed of wearing an elaborate ball gown wedding dress would this be fitting for a beach side venue? Are you requesting your guests wear black tie? Think about the overall style of your wedding day and the venue will be your best starting point to plan from there.

Now it’s time to consider the details:

How many guests will you have?
Ask your venue their maximum capacity. Will you be able to host all your friends and family? You may need to meet a minimum spend per head or overall guest count, this can vary with season– What is your price point and your priorities?

What contractual obligations come with your venue?
Some venues, only work with certain caterers that have a trusted relationship. Is this the case with your chosen venue? Or may you bring in your own desired caterer and if so what is the cost of this.

Does the vision match the reality?

Having shot various destination weddings I am sure my brides would agree that a venue visit abroad is imperative to a successful destination wedding. take a trip and put yourself in your guests shoes, how easy is it to reach the venue? How about parking or will you be required to book coaches. Enlist the help of a wedding planner as they are vital when organising weddings abroad.

Do you want exclusive use of the venue?

Will other events be held at the venue on the day of your wedding? Where will your guests be able to access indoor and outdoor spaces

Is the venue weather proof?

Take a look at there a back up plan in place for all types of weather: searing heat, heavy rain. You want yourselves and your guests as comfortable as possible

How soon should you book?
Many popular wedding venues book up months (or even years) in advance, some wedding venues in Cardiff have a two year waiting list. If you know it’s the one you want book it!