Tips For Your Dream Wedding

Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming, a lot like running a marathon! I’ve put together this blog to help ensure your wedding runs smoothly and you savour every minute of your perfectly planned day! So, here are a few tips for your dream wedding

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Your wedding planning timeline is important, make an outline of what’s going to happen and stick to it.  Here are a few things to check off your list 12+ months from your wedding date:

Announce your engagement

Plan your engagement party

Decide on a budget

Select your wedding date

Create your wedding registry

Start your guest list

Find and book wedding planner

Choose a color scheme

Select your bridal party

Find and book your venue

Book your photographer/videographer/florist/caterer

Find and order your wedding dress and tuxedo


Sit down and make a list of your top three priorities. For me and my husband they were 1) photography 2) Music 3) that our guests had a good time.


If someone else is fully capable of doing it and you trust them completely let them handle it. If I could have my wedding all over again, I would definitely hire a wedding planner!


Wedding planning is stressful and can take over your entire life and relationship. Make sure you have some sacred time to just be with your love and enjoy life.


Your wedding is going to be an extremely long day. You may need to pack a few supplies to help you get through it. Here are eight things I recommend you put in your wedding day “emergency kit” to be prepared.

1. Travel sewing kit.

You can find these on Amazon – it’s never a bad idea to have a needle and thread at hand, and I personally have had to sew a bride into her dress recently! Don’t forget scissors, as you may need to remove  tags whilst you are getting ready.

2. Crochet hook.

If you have a lot of small buttons on your dress, a crochet hook will make it a lot easier to do your dress up.

3. A set of hand towels.

Bouquets are usually delivered in water to keep them fresh, but a wet bouquet can equal a wet dress, a set of hand towels ready to dry them off makes all the difference.

4. Oil Absorbing Sheets.

These things are like Photoshop for real life. They’re a life saver for keeping your face looking fresh and clear for photos. (for the boys too!)

5. Snacks.

Have a little bag of snacks for the wedding party to eat.

6. A straw.

Most brides like to keep their lips looking fresh by drinking through a straw.

7. Instant Stain Remover.

An instant stain remover is a lifesaver because stains do happen.

8. Bribes for your littlest helpers.

We all know young children aren’t especially cooperative so, if you have children in your wedding party or in any family photos, check with the parents to see if a small bribe can be used. I’ve seen a two-year-old happily prance down the aisle for a marshmallow lolly!


Sometimes the easiest thing to do to make sure you get everything that you want on your wedding day is to ask someone else. Below you have a list of questions to ask a few of your recently wed friends.

1. Favorite memory from your wedding?

2. Number one piece of advice for planning?

3. One thing we have to do on our wedding day?

4. Thing you worried most about that didn’t matter on the day?

5. What part do you wish you spent more time planning?

6. What do you wish you spent more money on?

7. What do you wish you spent less money on?

8. Logistics you wish you’d thought about?


Thanks for reading, I hope this helps your wedding planning process, please get in touch if you have any questions regarding my work!

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Bridal Bouquet:

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