Soft and Romantic Wedding Photography

Soft & Romantic Wedding Photography

My wedding photography is soft and romantic with an editorial edge. To achieve this look when I capture an image I consider the lighting how I position my clients and what is visible in the background. The other factor is how I edit my images. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that many clients do not see or even know exists.

I was recently asked by a client: “Why will it take 4-6 weeks for our full gallery to be delivered?”  The simple answer: For every hour of wedding photography coverage 2 hours of post-production editing will be required. I care about your wedding photography and want to ensure each image is just as beautiful as the next. I lightly airbrush skin and remove any noticeable blemishes I also remove distracting objects: such as exit signs from each frame.

My style is light and soft with a whimsical romantic feel, similar to that of film. I do not over manipulate my photos as I want a timeless, classic look. It is really important to me that in 30 years time you still love your wedding album.

My black and white images are edited with grain and texture, simply because I believe this is how a black and white photograph should look! Black and white images printed on matte cotton paper gives a luxury look to your photographs.

Take a look at some images below to see before (left) and after (right) editing by using the slider in the image.


For more information about my light soft and romantic wedding photography contact me here!

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