The Wedding Experience

As fine art wedding photographers we offer you a portfolio that showcases the bespoke details whilst capturing the genuine emotion of your day. We collaborate with you between now and your wedding day, communicating your thoughts, passions and ideas so that together we can create a gallery you will cherish forever.

The following is based on full day coverage from preparation to party.

Getting Ready

Not everyone wants this part of the day covered. We love it for the tension building excitement. We arrive 2.5 hours prior to your ceremony (depending on location) The most important thing to remember is ‘light’ ask your make-up artist to set up near a well lit window. Try to keep the area around the main window clutter free, this will allow for beautiful soft clean portraits.

Colette will photograph your details, dress, etc and the finishing touches before you walk down the aisle. Greg will often meet the Groom and the boys at the bar (if that’s the case!) and get some pre ceremony shots of the group.


The Ceremony

Maybe you are singing your vows or getting married by your friend out in the woods? Whichever way you choose to tie the knot this is the part of the day we try to be as inconspicuous as possible. If you are having a religious ceremony we may have to check the rules for photography and some venues email a list of do’s and don’ts. This is important to find out in advance to know what we will be permitted to capture.




The Reception

During the reception it is a good time to take any portraits you may want. These are heirloom memories for years to come. You may decide on a formal look or informal relaxed group gathering. We advise up to 10 groups maximum. Oh and don’t forget if your pooch is attending your big day a portrait with them is a must!

We then split up and one of us will capture the details of the Wedding Breakfast whilst the other one documents candid moments of your guests enjoying your reception.

Once the speeches are over you will cut the cake. This may be a giant cheese and porkpie tower or toasting marshmallows together over a fire-pit!

Aurelia Allen Photography Cardiff Wedding-6.jpg
Aurelia Allen Photography Cardiff Wedding-7.jpg
Aurelia Allen Photography Cardiff Wedding-5.jpg
Aurelia Allen Photography Cardiff Wedding-8.jpg



Couple Portraits

This is probably the only time you will have alone together and our couples always love this part of the day for that reason. Couples portraits take around 20-30 minutes unless you have chosen to drive to a separate location on route to your reception. The best time is golden hour, just before the sun goes down. If your timeline is fixed and you are eating during golden hour perhaps we can capture most of the images beforehand and then sneak out for 5 minutes at sun-down? If you need help with your timeline let us know.

We don’t like to pose you too much, this is your time together to go for a stroll, kick off your shoes and just have a damn good giggle about what just happened!




The Party

The groom may be performing a striptease or those Argentinian Tango lessons will provide you with a well rehearsed performance for your first dance! If you choose our full day package we will be there to capture whatever moves you make!