5 Important Questions Before Planning Your Personal Brand Photography Shoot

April 6, 2023

If you have found yourself struggling to create the brand content of your dreams and are considering investing in a personal brand photography shoot, you are in the right place! A personal branding shoot is one of the best investments you will make for your business. These images communicate your story, attract your ideal client, and visually elevate ‘You and your business’.

Before you begin planning a personal brand photography shoot, there are a few things you need to know, so let’s dive in.

1. What is Personal Brand Photography?

Brand photography is a curated suite of professional images that visually tells your brand story. The suite will include images of you, your product or service, the creative process, your team, props, workspace and ultimately what makes your brand unique.

There is so much more to a brand than a colour palette, logo, and website. Brand photography is the perfect way to capture your personality and some behind the scenes images of what you do.

The Importance of Personal Brand Photography

As an example, let’s say you are a cake designer, your, personal brand photography suite may include images of the following:

  • The cake design process – The designer sketching cake ideas on a drawing pad at a desk.
  • The ingredients – Eggs, milk, flower, lemons
  • The equipment – Measuring bowls and wooden spoons.
  • Making the cake
  • Baking the cake
  • Decorating the cake
  • Delivering the cake
  • Eating the cake
  • A few images to add a human element of the cake designer hanging out with their dog.

Capturing these behind-the-scenes moments makes it easier to connect what you do with your audience, and they can clearly see what makes you and your brand unique.

2. What’s your Brand Story?

Before booking your session, it is important to know every detail about your brand and the story you want the images to portray about you and your business.

  • Who you are? Think about your style and approach.
  • What is your brand about?
  • What is your vision for the shoot?
  • Who is your audience and your target demographic?
  • How do you want your audience to think and feel when they see and interact with your new brand images?
  • Can you describe your brand voice and tone

Again, if we use the cake designer example:

Are you an intricate, elegant cake designer appealing to high end clients that want a sophisticated, luxury and timeless feel for their wedding cake? What emotions do you want to evoke with your images? Do you want a dreamy soft ethereal feel, with soft lines and lots of luminous light and an expensive marble backdrop?


Are you a fun, bright and whimsical cupcake designer appealing to children throwing large birthday parties? Do you want extravagant, colourful backdrops as a feature with confectionery and toys for a bright fun feeling?

Whoever you are and whatever your brand story, it should be crystal clear and unique to ‘you’. Understanding these elements is key to the success of your brand photography shoot, ensuring you don’t waste time and money on images that don’t fit ‘You’.

Why do you want a personal brand photography shoot?

Are you launching a new product or service, a podcast? Are you looking to create beautiful imagery of your creative process? Do you want to show up in your business, showing the person behind your brand. Perhaps you have hidden behind the scenes for too long. Including images of yourself builds trust with your audience by adding a humanising element this instantly makes a brand more relatable.

3. Where will you use your new Personal Brand Photography?

Do you want content for your website, social media, an online course, or book launch?

Here is a list of places you can use your new personal brand photography images that you may not have thought of:

  • Profile photos: Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • Instagram Stories
  • Website about page
  • To showcase your creative process on your website
  • Blog posts
  • Graphics for paid ads
  • Email signature
  • Opt-in for newsletter
  • Press/Marketing material
  • Online Course content
  • Podcast page
  • Business card
  • YouTube Channel
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Newsletter
  • Workshop/Retreat Launch

Think about the message you want to convey to your audience and where they will interact with the images. The length of the shoot will larger depend on the type and amount of content you require for example If you are launching a new book and podcast simultaneously you would probably have 4-5 outfit changes and shoot in two locations (studio and outdoors)

Create a list of ‘a few must have’ personal brand images for your photographer.

It is good to come with a basic outline for some of the images you require. This could be as simple as highlighting the fact all your inspiration comes from walks along the beach and you want that captured. Your list may also include headshots of you, photos of your podcast speaker and workspace, flat lays of your new product, shots of you styling your new products. We can build on this outline and ensure nothing gets missed.

4. Where will your Brand Story be set?

Ultimately ‘You’ are the centre of you brand photography shoot but the location you choose can really elevate your images and make them stand out. Here are a few locations to consider:

At Home

Many clients choose their own home for the shoot location. Especially when many entrepreneurs work from a home office. To ensure this is the best option for you and your shoot, ask yourself the following questions:

Does your home have lots of natural light? Does your workspace, furniture and backdrop align with your brand aesthetic? Will your bright orange sofa work in these images? If the idea of shooting in your home completely stresses you out, it’s probably not the right option for you.

Unique Homestays | Airbnb’s

I love using private homes for branding shoots. One of the best parts is searching for a space that suits the feel and style of a client’s brand. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, coastal vibe, or modern, industrial feel this could be the right option for you. Private homes will often offer slightly cheaper rates if you are booking a few hours. It’s best to reach out to them personally or through their websites marketing team.

A Studio

I often capture Brand shoots in a great natural light studio. This is bright, white, clean space. However, these spaces are a blank canvas with a minimal clean look. Perfect for product launches and look books. Consider you’re the kind of backdrop you want in your images. Is it empty and clean? Will you want to hire different colour backdrops? If so, this could be the perfect option for your shoot.

Wine Bars

Wine bars offer fabulous design details and if this is somewhere you meet or entertain clients this can be a great location for your shoot. Wine bars are often available early morning when it is quiet, and the team are setting up.

The Great Outdoors

How about the beach! Greta light and a simple colour palette. If you are a yoga teacher, holistic coach or just simply get inspired by the great outdoors maybe this location should be incorporated into your brand shoot.

5. When should you book your Personal Brand Photography Shoot?

Ideally my clients book me 2-3 months out. You are investing in your brand photography and booking other resources such as models, hair, makeup, studios, and these elements can take time to piece together. You want your images to elevate your brand, so patience and planning is paramount. Schedule enough time to ensure all your resources come together and the magic will be captured. Don’t forget to factor in time when sourcing locations or certain props.

So there you have it – the questions you need to answer to ensure a truly successful brand photography shoot.

Personal Branding Shoot for Wedding Stylist


My goal as your personal brand photographer is to tell your story in a way that enables your audience to immediately connect with your brand and convert them to clients. If you would like to learn more about my personal brand photography pricing and packages click here or to book a discovery call please contact me here.

A great tip when planning your personal brand photography shoot is to consider partnering with other industry professionals.

Images used in this Blog were taken from a recent Personal Brand Photography Shoot for Maria Elizabeth Designs.

Partners working this personal branding shoot:

Tableware | Alba Tableware

Florals | Flowers of Bath

Venue | Eastington Park

Stationery | Maria Elizabeth Designs

Cake | Sadie May Cakes

Hand Painted Flatlay | Aurelia Allen Photography



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