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It's probably no surprise that in this season, weddings, like everything else, often look a bit different. 

But just because your celebration plans need to shift a bit doesn't mean that your love isn't worth celebrating. It most certainly is. In a world that threatens to overwhelm us at times, you found one another. You fell in love and you made the decision to profess to the world that this is it. 

And whether you're planning to walk down the aisle surrounded by family and friends or you're planning something more intimate, I believe that your love deserves to be captured. Your story is a joyful one and I would be honored to tell it. 

BEcause Love isn't on hold


A micro wedding typically includes a smaller guest list (up to 50 guests). Even though the guest count is smaller, this type of wedding is often planned. Many couples choose choose to spend their full wedding budget - just on fewer people. Think: beautiful wedding dresses, elegant florals, candlelight dinners and open bars. 

couples who want an elaborate wedding with a smaller guest list 


Micro Wedding  (Tiny Wedding)


A minimony is even smaller than a microwedding and typically includes no more than ten guests. Although smaller, minimonies typically include many of the traditions found at a larger wedding. Think: a commitment ceremony, florals, a catered meal, beautiful portraits. Many couples who plan minimonies are choosing to celebrate with a sequel wedding at a later time. 

couples who want to celebrate their union with close family & friends




After a minimony, many couples are choosing to host the traditional wedding they were planning (pre-COVID). Think: a packed dance floor, a bridal party, a larger number of guests. 

couples who have married but who still want the big party


Sequel Wedding


This is probably already a term you're familiar with. A couple can't wait to be married and they want to skip the traditional ceremony, so they find a witness and someone to conduct the ceremony. Think: Sunset mountain top. These days, elopements might be spur of the moment but they may also be planned. Romantic locations, beautiful attire and intimate images of the two of you. 

couples who want an intimate ceremony without the fuss 




Sequel Wedding


Micro wedding (Tiny Wedding)

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What kind of intimate wedding is best for you?

I know postponing a wedding is not an easy decision. If  you find yourself in this situation, I ask that you let me know ASAP so that we can work together to find you a new wedding date. 

Should I be unavailable on a new date, I will do my best to help connect you with a photographer who is available. The booking fee you paid to reserve my time will not be refundable but can be put towards a future portrait session. 

If you would like me to take a COVID test prior to your wedding, I am happy to do so. Send me an email to learn more about COVID testing and the cost involved with a test. 

I am fortunate to be a part of an incredible community of local photographers. Should I find out that I am sick before your wedding, I will reach out to our community and do my best to find a replacement photographer with a similar style to mine. 

Unfortunately due to my shooting schedule, it is not possible for me to fully quarantine for two weeks prior to your wedding day. However I will do my very best to limit my exposure to others and take all necessary precautions on your day. 

I know that choosing to cancel a wedding is not an easy decision. If you find yourself in this situation, I ask that you let me know ASAP. The booking fee  you paid to reserve my time will not be refundable but can be put towards a future portrait session. 

I ask that the couples and families I work with during this time do their best to limit their contact with others prior to the wedding day. I will keep myself socially distanced on your wedding day and in order to limit my exposure and keep my clients & families safe, will not be at the center of the dance floor (don't worry, I don't need to be close to capture beautiful dance shots!) 

All posing will be no-touch and I ask that you limit group photos to no more than ten people at a time. Should catering allow, I would also prefer a vendor meal over being a part of the buffet line. 

Like just about everything in this season, your wedding day coverage will look a little bit different. I'll wear a mask while I shoot and remain socially distant. It's likely that I use longer lenses to maintain distance between myself and my subjects.  

All posing will be no-touch and we ask that you limit group photos to no more than ten people at a time. To avoid any stress, leave extra buffer time in between events on your timeline. For example Hair and Makeup may take longer than usual. 

While coverage will look a bit different,  my clients have not noticed a difference in the quality of the images I produce on their wedding day. 

As long as I am in a location that does not legally require masks and I am  socially distanced, a mask will not be required during photos. 

As long as weddings are allowed then I am still shooting engagement sessions. During the session, I'll maintain a safe distance and do my best to choose an outdoor location that does not legally require masks. 

At this point, my couples have not noticed a difference in the quality of their engagement session images. 

- Sara & Ibrahim

"We just couldn't wait to get married. We are so glad we went ahead with our beautiful micro wedding"


- Kristina & Sean

"We love our romantic portraits, you would never know they took place during a pandemic."






Intimate wedding day coverage begins at £900. Learn more about full wedding day coverage on my weddings page.

However I know that in these times, it's likely each couple will need custom coverage. To learn more about my custom collection, please contact me. 

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