How I Shoot Wedding Rings

I love asking to see my clients engagement ring for the first time as they describe their proposal story to me! I remember being so proud to show everyone my own ring. Photographing the wedding rings is an important part of your clients love story. It can often feel stressful to create the perfect wedding ring image in so little time. However, with lots of practice and these tips wedding rings can be lots of fun to capture. Here are my three tips to elevate your images. This is how I shoot wedding rings.

1. Equipment

The Lens

I love my sigma 105mm 2.8 Macro Lens and I use it for all my ring and detail shots. It’s also a beautiful portrait lens!

Styling Boards

I shoot all wedding rings placed on beautiful linen styling boards by Heirloom Bindery and I have them in 3 colours: White, French Blue Linen and Dove Grey Linen.


I immediately noticed a difference in my images when I started using a white tri-fold presentation board. Professional product photographers use insane lighting setups to photograph diamonds. On the day of a wedding you have minutes to create and capture a beautiful shot. I use a white tri-fold presentation board to bounce light ono the wedding rings. This differs to a normal photographic reflector as it can stand alone without being held by an assistant. The board limits any colour cast in the room and bounces light from the window onto the diamond from three angles. It is lightweight and portable and also the same size as my styling boards. Using this tool has made such a difference to my images.

2. Technique

Window Light

Whenever possible I shoot the rings facing into window light. I always shoot with the lens in ‘manual focus’. This takes some practice, you will need to stabilise your arms and if that’s not possible I often find myself holding my breath to avoid movement. Aim your focus at the prong of the ring rather than the diamond itself as these are closest to you. I typically shoot between f2.8 and 5.6 as it gives the creamy background but this is a personal preference.

3. Post Production


When I edit my ring shots in Lightroom, I use the ‘teeth whitening’ adjustment brush to brighten the diamond and then tick the finer adjustment box to change the saturation accordingly. By doing this it places the emphasis on the jewel and removes any distracting colours. Allowing the jewel to ‘shine bright like a diamond’ should!

Tools & Resources:

My Wedding Ring Kit

I hope these tips have been helpful. If you have any tips that might help others, please share them in the comments below!


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