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A brand photography shoot is not just about creating awesome images. It will enable you and your business to stand out, tell your story through visual content and communicate your brand presence.

In today’s saturated market people who stand out are those with a strong personal brand. The experience we create is why someone invests in our business.

People buy from people they know - love - trust

This session helps to highlight who you are in your work, life and the world!

Personal Brand Photography session


Pre-session consultation

2 hour session

30 High resolution fully edited images

This session will:

Incorporate your brand colours

Showcase your creative process

Include photographs of you and showcase your personality

Present your products and business in the best ‘most fabulous’ way possible

Highlight what sets you apart in your industry

Inspire your audience

Makeup Artist

On Location £55

Studio £35


What type of images will i get?

  • Props (Stock Images)

  • Professional Headshots

  • Lifestyle Images

  • Social Media Posts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

  • Visual Story Telling

What type of clothes should i wear?

Are there any items of clothing that represent your brand? Jewellery that you make? T-shirts?

Create a Pinterest board of the type of clothing that suits your brand, this will give you some inspiration. Think of clothing that describes your brand: e.g. flowing, feminine, classy.

should I hire a makeup artist?

We recommend hiring a makeup artist to create a flawless finished look to your headshots.

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  • Two weeks before your session drink more water

  • One week before your session do not drink alcohol

  • The night before have a quiet evening, relax, have a bath and get a good 8 hour sleep

  • If you are going to use a hydrating mask make sure it is one you have used before. (incase of allergic reactions)

Brand Questionnaire

We need to understand your brand to create a visual story to attain your goal with these images. Please complete this questionnaire.

Name *
Where will you use your images? *
Fashion blogger, florist, wedding cake baker
Luxury, artsy, beauty, creative
Yoga, beach, shopping, blogging
Journal, crystals, makeup, computer
Yoga mat, coffee, green juice, puppy
What sort of environment? Yoga class students, children etc
Chic, casual, classy, hippie
Choose a location that represents your brand and lifestyle that you are trying to portray
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